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SAFe Case Studies: Transformation Notes From the Field

In the final installment of Toptal’s Agile scaling series, the creator of SAFe, Dean Leffingwell, shares his expertise alongside three case studies from Toptal project managers who discuss the challenges and rewards of implementing an Agile scaling framework.

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Daniel Carroll

Daniel Carroll

Agile Scaling: SAFe Best Practices for Scrum Masters

This article is part of Toptal’s Agile scaling series, designed to guide project managers in their team expansion efforts. In this second installment, Toptal Scrum expert Ammar Raafat discusses how Scrum masters moving into the role of release train engineer can help their teams thrive.

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Ammar Raafat Mohamed Bashandy

Ammar Raafat Mohamed Bashandy

The Project Management Blueprint, Part 2: A Comprehensive Comparison of Waterfall, DAD, SAFe, LeSS, and Scrum@Scale

Agile has become the mainstream approach to software delivery recently due to the popularity of Scrum and Kanban. However, many problems arise when project managers try to scale traditional agile frameworks to larger groups of people. A lot of companies revert to waterfall framework while others use hybrid methodologies like DAD, SAFe, LeSS, or Scrum@Scale.

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Darren Hagman

Darren Hagman

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