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Mobile Design

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Mobile eCommerce Best Practices for UX (with Infographic)

by Miklos Philips

eCommerce sites and apps that are not mindful of mobile eCommerce best practices will be left in the dust and stand to lose billions. But successful mobile eCommerce experiences can be achieved by following these mobile eCommerce UX design best practices (with infographic).

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Data-driven Design and Generative Design – An Overview

by Shane Ketterman

Data-driven and generative design are two important design processes that can be exploited at the same time to create better product designs and user experiences.

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What Is Branding? Everything Is Branding.

by Micah Bowers

From personal brands to anti-brands, we’ve entered an age of incessant brand awareness. Branding is everywhere, but is everything branding?

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The Chat Crash – When a Chatbot Fails

by Micah Bowers

There’s much confusion and hyperbole surrounding chatbots. The tech is promising, but the user experience is lacking. We examine five chatbot fails and share practical tips to improve their UX.

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Mobile UX Design Constraints, Best Practices, and Working with Developers

by Shane Ketterman

We can achieve better user experiences with mobile UX design by following best practices, understanding constraints and facilitating a solid working relationship with developers.

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Heuristic Principles for Mobile Interfaces

by Jordan DeVos

Nielsen’s heuristic principles have stood the test of time and have been revisited to be further integrated with human-centered design for mobile—including clear definitions and design examples.

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First Impressions – A Guide to Onboarding UX

by Bree Chapin

Nearly one in four users will abandon a mobile app after using it just once. Good onboarding makes a great first impression, gives users a guided introduction, and can significantly improve user retention.

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Figma vs. Sketch vs. Axure – A Task-based Review

by Ben Kopf

There are many UX design tools on the market, but their capabilities vary. This review examines the effectiveness of Sketch, Axure, and Figma with a task-based comparison.

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