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The Tried and True Laws of UX (with Infographic)

by Miklos Philips

Just as there are cause and effect relationships, there are the laws of UX: predictable outcomes and human behaviors in UX a designer can use to design superior products. This infographic explains it all.

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The Best Design Books and eBooks Every Designer Should Read

by Eva Jobard

Designers can brush up on solid fundamentals and be inspired by innovative new ideas by reading the great books and free ebooks about design and creativity on this list.

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How to Use Powerful Gestalt Principles in Design [Infographic]

by Miklos Philips

Gestalt’s guiding principle, that our minds tend to perceive objects as part of a greater whole, is a very useful and powerful design technique [includes infographic].

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UI vs. UX – Explore the Core Differences [Infographic]

by Cameron Chapman

UI and UX designers must work in tandem in order to create a finished product that delights users both visually and functionally.

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The Power of Figma as a Design Tool

by Ben Kopf

How does Figma improve the design process and outperform Sketch and other design tools when it comes to designer collaboration? Learn the big differences that every designer should know.

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Jobs to Be Done: Turn Customer Needs Into Product Solutions

by Daniel Lee

In product design, the jobs-to-be-done framework is a well-known approach that is designed to deconstruct the "job" a customer is trying to get done.

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Leap Into VR/AR Design

by Ted Evans

Virtual reality is no longer in the realm of science fiction. Immersive technology desperately needs skilled designers to jump in, get involved, take risks, and create something new. Leap into VR/AR!

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Design Problem Statements – What They Are and How to Frame Them

by Jordan DeVos

Even exciting product ideas can flop without an understanding of the user problem to solve. A design problem statement is an essential step in the design process for creating products that truly matter.

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