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The Value of User Testing with Prototypes

by Gabriel Kirmaier

User testing, often confused with usability testing, is an overarching term which helps validate the need for a product. When used with prototypes and the right testing tools, it can help save a product from failure.

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Design’s Driving Forces – A Website Redesign Case Study

by Goran Ramljak

When is the most appropriate time to do a website redesign? This case study walks us through a website redesign for a high-end auto company and outlines key issues along the way.

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How to Transition from UX Designer to UX Consultant

by Micah Bowers

What does a UX consultant do? More importantly, what does it take for a UX designer to become a consultant and thrive?

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Design Foundations – A Guide to Visual Hierarchy (with Infographic)

by Cameron Chapman

Understanding and implementing visual hierarchy principles gives designers an advantage in creating persuasive designs that convey necessary information while creating a delightful user experience.

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Partners in Design – A Guide to Client Empathy

by Jay Oldaker

Being empathetic is not a selective practice. Designers know how to use empathy to uncover the behaviors and needs of a user. Those same methods and techniques can be used in client relationships.

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Design Tool Showdown – Adobe XD vs. Sketch (2019)

by Sérgio Estrella

Since its introduction in 2017, Adobe XD has matured when compared to its rival, Sketch. Looking at Adobe XD vs Sketch, is it time for a change?

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Card Sorting: Better Information Architecture by Aligning with Users' Mental Models

by Micah Bowers

Users shouldn’t need insider knowledge to find what they’re looking for on the web. Card sorting lets designers create intuitive UX by organizing content the way customers do in their minds.

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Exploring the Reasons for Design Thinking Criticism

by Shane Ketterman

Design thinking has become both a buzzword and a useful business tool. It has been hailed as revolutionary while also called a failed experiment as evidenced by increasing criticism.

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