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The Democratization of Education – A Global Frontier

by Toptal Research

Technology is a democratizing force, and improving global access to tech education is a priority for organizations like Mozilla, IBM, and the United Nations. With its inaugural Scholarship for Women being awarded to a worthy candidate in Ghana this year, Toptal is proud to join the growing worldwide effort to help talented individuals and communities gain access to the tools and resources they need.

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The Power of Skills-Based Volunteering

by Melody Liu

Social responsibility is increasingly front-of-mind for employees as they consider where to build their careers. This article explores how skills-based volunteering can not only serve as a strong employee retention strategy in response to this greater desire for social impact, but also democratize highly skilled talent to help a broader range organizations and communities.

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The Practical Guide to Building Online Communities

by David Abramovich

Online communities shape the relationship between a company and its distributed workforce. They also foster connections between workers, enriching both their professional and personal lives. In this article, David Abramovich, the Online Community Leader at Toptal, shares fundamental steps to successfully cultivate this critical ingredient that increasingly impacts the future of work.

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Product Managers vs. Project Managers Part II: Situational Analysis

by Johnny Chao

In Part II of our Product Managers vs. Project Managers series, Johnny Chao explores situations in which companies should seek a Product Manager, Project Manager, or hybrid of both.

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Briefing: The Data Warehouse

by Josip Šaban

While often overlooked, the data warehouse enables companies to reveal valuable insights concealed within their vast data troves. In this article, domain expert Josip Saban shares foundational principles and applications that are essential knowledge for all modern managers.

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Product Managers vs. Project Managers: Understanding Core Similarities and Differences

by Johnny Chao

Product managers and project managers are two of the most important roles in every technology company and are crucial to the future of tech. Yet they are often conflated and misunderstood. In this article (Part I in a two-part series), Johnny Chao -- Product Management Vertical Lead at Toptal, and a career product manager -- outlines the similarities and differences between each role, as well as the core skill sets that allow product and project managers to excel.

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Employee Retention Strategies 101: Workplace Education

by Eryn Peters

As talented employees move between companies with increasing regularity, businesses are faced with a challenge: how to consistently retain their best and brightest. This article explores the use of continual employee education as a retention strategy that benefits both talent and employers.

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Don't Fight Employee Turnover. Accept, Adapt, and Leverage It.

by Andy Anderson

Although employee tenures are decreasing, innovative companies embrace the trend as an opportunity to maximize impact. In this article, Andy Anderson, a Toptal Client Partner, shares perspective on how such companies view - and capitalize on - employee attrition.

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