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All About Process – Dissecting Case Study Portfolios

by Adnan Puzic

A portfolio is more than a cache of images, it’s a way to demonstrate design skills and problem solving to clients. We show how to elevate portfolios by explaining the inner workings of a case study.

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The Value of User Testing with Prototypes

by Gabriel Kirmaier

User testing, often confused with usability testing, is an overarching term which helps validate the need for a product. When used with prototypes and the right testing tools, it can help save a product from failure.

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Design Tool Showdown – Adobe XD vs. Sketch (2019)

by Sérgio Estrella

Since its introduction in 2017, Adobe XD has matured when compared to its rival, Sketch. Looking at Adobe XD vs Sketch, is it time for a change?

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Atomic Design and Sketch – A Guide to Improving Workflow

by Octavio Cruz García

Improving workflow and maintaining consistent design standards throughout a product can be achieved using Sketch and Atomic Design.

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Color Theory for Designers – A Crash Course (with Infographic)

by Micah Bowers

Color: It’s stunningly beautiful and maddeningly deceptive. Use this color theory field guide (with an infographic) to make lightning-quick color choices with unwavering confidence.

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Influence with Design – A Guide to Color and Emotions

by Cameron Chapman

The right color palette encourages people to behave in ways designers want them to, while the wrong palette can turn visitors away before they take any action at all.

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Design with Precision – An Adobe XD Review

by Lex Valishvili

Great features and seamless integration with the Adobe ecosystem makes Adobe XD a powerful design tool that competes with industry favorites like Sketch and Figma.

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Breaking Down the Design Thinking Process

by Cameron Chapman

Design thinking goes beyond the usual problem-solving focus of most UI and UX designers and adds the aspect of deep empathy for the user to the entire product design lifecycle, increasing the prospect of success.

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