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Damir Kotorić

Don’t Always Champion the User: How to Balance Business Priorities and UX

By Damir Kotorić
Designers who advocate for the user without showing an awareness of business objectives are at risk of being ignored. These strategies will help you communicate the value of UX to stakeholders.
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Beatriz Garcia de Prado

Medical Billing Reimagined: A UI/UX Case Study

By Beatriz Garcia de Prado
Toptal designer Beatriz Garcia de Prado explains how she built a digital product to replace the outdated paper forms doctors were sending to insurance companies.
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Anna Vasyukova

How to Conduct User Research as a Team of One

By Anna Vasyukova
User research is essential to product design, but it can be challenging to do alone. Explore how a solo designer can optimize time and resources to uncover important user insights.
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Mayank Sharma

Less Trust, More Truth: Web3 Design Best Practices and Patterns

By Mayank Sharma
Developers want Web3, a decentralized model of the internet, to become mainstream. To achieve that, designers need to make Web3 apps more consistent and intuitive.
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Damir Kotorić

The Future of User Interface Design: Next-generation UI Tools

By Damir Kotorić
The next wave of UI design tools will fully integrate design and code to provide a seamless experience for designers and developers.
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Amy Oughton

Vital Design: The Importance of Healthcare App Accessibility

By Amy Oughton
COVID-19 made telemedicine popular—and in some cases, necessary. But many platforms and apps are inaccessible to those who need them most. Designers can change that.
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Brian Pagán, MSc, PDEng

Digging Deeper: A Practical Guide to Creative Empathy for Product Design

By Brian Pagán, MSc, PDEng
Master creative empathy techniques to help you understand what other people want and need, then apply these skills throughout the design process to create products that resonate with people.
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Alexandre Brito

How Product Designers Can Use Gamification for Good

By Alexandre Brito
Gamification in product design is a powerful tool for engaging users, but it can also cause significant harm if left unchecked. With good intent and ethical strategies, designers can create gamified products that balance user health and client requirements.
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Miklos Philips

The 10 UX Deliverables Top Designers Use

By Miklos Philips
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Stelian Subotin

Dashboard Design: Considerations and Best Practices

By Stelian Subotin
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