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Erik Stettler

The Personal Finance of Career Independence

By Erik Stettler
For many highly skilled workers, the benefits of going freelance may outweigh the risks—especially right now. Toptal’s Chief Economist explains why, and reveals what he wishes he’d known when he stepped out on his own.
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June Bell

The Right Mix: Blending Remote Cultures After a Merger or Acquisition

By June Bell
Bringing together two businesses and their distinct cultures can be especially tricky when workforces are remote. Cultural due diligence and active listening can help ensure a unified operation.
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Stephanie Emma Pfeffer

How Verizon Created an Award-winning Virtual Internship Program

By Stephanie Emma Pfeffer
Last year, Verizon transformed its internship program to be fully remote. Here’s how they created a rewarding experience for students and managers.
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Michael J. McDonald

Digitally Divided: Zoom-less Rural America Looks to Close Broadband Gap

By Michael J. McDonald
Poor investments and service monopolies have blocked many Americans from high-speed internet access. Renewed interest in boosting broadband might finally bridge the access gap.
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Matthew M.F. Miller

Why Companies Shouldn’t Reintroduce All Travel Post-COVID-19

By Matthew M.F. Miller
With health and safety concerns for workers, and liability and logistical concerns for companies, it’s just not worth returning to the operational status quo.
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Michael J. McDonald

As Talent Goes Remote, Smaller Cities Make Big Gains

By Michael J. McDonald
San Francisco and New York City are not the draws they once were because of a surge in virtual work options. Now, surprising new hubs are emerging.
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Erik Stettler

Black Swans and the Paradigm Shift of Remote Work – COVID-19 Lessons, Part 2

By Erik Stettler
Remote work is a paradigm shift with profound implications. Here, Toptal’s Chief Economist identifies the main challenges of the traditional work paradigm. In doing so, he reveals how breaking these constraints leads to closer collaboration and more innovation than ever before.
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