Alan Fiddes
Head of Projects, Toptal
As the Head of Projects at Toptal, Alan is responsible for helping customers deliver strategic software projects while also becoming more nimble and innovative. He has delivered complex and mission critical technology projects in industries including Financial Services, Oil and Gas and Payments Processing. As a principal consultant at ThoughtWorks, he helped internationally recognized firms adopt Agile delivery practices and implement digital transformation initiatives. A passionate advocate of lean and Agile practices, Alan has an in-depth understanding of global delivery models, gained from 25 years of technology leadership experience.
Articles by Alan Fiddes
Why Distributed Teams Matter, and How to Build One
Why Distributed Teams Matter, and How to Build One
Alan Fiddes, Head of Projects at Toptal and a ThoughtWorks veteran with over ten years of experience managing distributed teams, explains how building and managing remote teams can create a major competitive advantage in today’s talent marketplace.