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Virtual Reality: Catalyzing the Future of Work

by Toptal Research

Often associated with gaming, virtual reality has the potential to drive the future of a wide range of industries. This article outlines how virtual reality will change the face of healthcare, manufacturing, and journalism.

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Workplace Efficiency: Think Consumer, Not Business Technology

by Alvaro Oliveira

Why use enterprise tools when consumer technology gives workers what they want, when they want it? Alvaro Oliveira, VP of Talent Operations at Toptal, explores the tools and processes that best allow companies to operate remotely and securely.

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The End of Traditional Employment—The Other Gig Economy

by Michael Kearns

As the number of skilled professionals turning to agile work increases, explore how the Talent Economy differs from the Gig Economy, how it offers up a very different mix of benefits and challenges, and why it could mean the end of traditional employment.

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State of the Workforce: 2017

by Raj Jeyakumar

As agile talent and distributed teams grow in prominence, what are the implications for the future of work? Toptal surveyed over a thousand business leaders to learn how organizations are preparing for a new era of employment.

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Report: State of the Workforce

by Toptal Research

In a competitive global economy, acquiring the right talent quickly is mission critical for companies—and hiring external or freelance talent has become key for success. According to Forbes, "Attitudes in companies of all sizes toward freelancers are changing, as more hire high-caliber external consultants and creatives to add to the brainpower of their teams." State of the Workforce is the most comprehensive look at the pace of industry transition to a freelance and virtual workforce reality.

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COVID-19 Lessons: Organizational Adaptability and Going Remote

by Erik Stettler

The COVID-19 tragedy demonstrates our exposure to rare, high-impact events and offers lessons for the next disruptive occurrences. Standard business practices exacerbate these events—here’s how businesses can position themselves for positive, seamless responses in the future.

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Are You Remote-Unfriendly?

by Jordan DeVos

Deloitte conducted a survey among employees in the workforce and found a startling fact. More than half of millennials (56% to be exact) would consider leaving their employer if flexible working conditions aren’t made a priority within the next two years.

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