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Life in Motion: A Guide to Animating Mobile Data Visualizations

by Daniel Nisttahuz

Animation can make data more comprehensible, engaging, and useful, especially on mobile. When animating data visualizations, designers should use motion design principles—and avoid common pitfalls.

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ProductIcon ChevronProcess and Tools

Design Sprints: Fostering Creativity Through Constraints

by Daniel Hatton

How can creativity thrive in an environment of rules and set processes? The creative constraints introduced by design sprints can help product managers find the midpoint between structure and chaos.

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Harness the Power of WordPress Hooks: Actions and Filters Explained

by Tahir Shahzad

WordPress developers might be tempted to customize this popular website builder directly, but that approach creates ongoing maintenance headaches. Fortunately, there's a clean way to extend functionality: via WordPress hooks, actions, and filters.

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FinanceIcon ChevronInvestors and Funding

Communicating With Investors: Best Practices for Startups

by Christopher Holloway

Investors aren’t patrons—they’re business partners, and startups should treat them as such. Regular updates and the occasional call for advice go a long way toward optimizing the relationship.

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DesignIcon ChevronBrand Design

How to Choose the Best Colors for Industry Events

by Charlotte Miller

Color in industry event design informs, inspires, and builds lasting brand awareness. Discover color strategies that delight attendees and set your event apart.

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FinanceIcon ChevronRevenue and Growth

Refining Your Middle-market Merger Strategy: From Acquisition to Integration

by Michael J. McDonald

The M&A failure rate runs as high as 90%, and middle-market companies tend to fare worse than larger ones due to more limited resources. Here’s how to ensure that your next acquisition succeeds.

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Code Writing Code: An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Modern Metaprogramming

by Will Beddow

With a tour that includes Julia, Rust, and more, dive into the fascinating world of metaprogramming and get a taste for its history, common forms (such as macros), importance, and potential future.

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ProjectsIcon ChevronTips and Tools

Using Agile Spreadsheets for Discovery Estimation

by Mauricio Silva

Estimation tools abound but none is as flexible and accessible as the humble Agile spreadsheet. Here’s why you should consider customizing your own to calculate discovery estimates.

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gRPC vs. REST: Getting Started With the Best API Protocol

by Laszlo Gyori

gRPC, REST’s up-and-coming competitor, approaches synchronous communication from another angle, offering protocol buffers and typed contracts. What does that mean for your project?

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