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The Digital Staffing Technology Advisor is designed to help HR, human capital, procurement, and recruitment leaders navigate the digital and on-demand staffing provider landscape, accelerate the RFP or solution selection process, and maximize their investments in digital staffing solutions.

This report analyzes and assesses the primary digital staffing solution providers in the marketplace today and is designed to serve as a resource for businesses seeking to transform their talent engagement and talent acquisition initiatives.

Readers will be able to use this report to identify, and ultimately select, the digital staffing solution that best aligns with their specific requirements and budget.

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“Ardent Partners’ evaluation and analysis have ranked Toptal as 'Best-in-Class' for providing the strongest talent-screening processes of any provider in the market." - Christopher J. Dwyer

Christopher J. Dwyer

Christopher J. Dwyer

Vice President of Research, Ardent Partners

For nearly 15 years, Christopher J. Dwyer has been one of the world’s foremost spend management experts and leading authority on contingent workforce management (CWM). He is the premier thought leader in the contingent workforce industry, authoring hundreds of research studies and evangelizing the evolution of the non-employee workforce and its associated technologies and solutions. Dwyer is the voice behind Contingent Workforce Weekly, the industry’s first (and only) weekly podcast dedicated to this space, and is looked to as an expert on the Future of Work, Gig Economy, and the innovation behind the “new world of work.”